Bringing The Gifts That My Ancestors Gave
— Maya Angelou

Hi, I'm Kristin...

I have always been activist at heart and I was driven to become a doula to support women, persons of color and birthing individuals of all backgrounds experiencing marginalization - understanding that in birth, we often must navigate through a landscape that is currently and has traditionally been unkind to marginalized individuals. I serve to empower birthing persons and help them amplify their own voice throughout their birth experience. I do this though educating each client on the birthing process using evidence-based knowledge from trusted resources.

My philosophy is that each birth is the only one of its kind and pregnant people of all backgrounds deserve to have the birth experience they envision! I am ever honored to be a part of this inspiring work. I support clients through the physical and emotional aspects of labor through education and various comfort measures. My aim is to continually empower my clients to make the birthing decisions that honor them individually as well as their background, culture, and traditions. I strive to help each client come to the solutions that work best for them, their baby and their support circle. I treat my clients with compassion – it is the most important work I have ever done, and I believe it makes a positive difference in their lives as well. I fully respect how your culture, background, preferences, and traditions intersect to make you a unique and special person. I will use these elements to help you build the birth experience of your choosing.

You deserve compassionate care from someone who takes the time to get to know you. I would be honored to be a part of your support team!

- Kristin J. Travis, CCBOD, CBE, CD, M.A.